Windows Server 2022 KB5034129 Experience Crashes in Chrome, Edge & Firefox


Windows Server 2022 KB5034129 Experience Crashes in Chrome, Edge & Firefox



Microsoft recently discovered a new problem with the Windows Server 2022 service which turned out to be experiencing a problem, where there are many Windows users who cannot access this service and even experience a Crash when successfully accessed.

For those of you who want to access Windows Server 2022, chances are you will experience crashes even when accessed through Firefox, Chrome and Edge itself. Because this issue has not been confirmed directly by Microsoft, even though previously they have released updates that simultaneously fix several issues.

For those of you who don't know, previously Microsoft released an update to fix the Wi-Fi adapter not working issue. Current reports say that there are many users accessing Windows Server 2022 on Edge, Chrome and Firefox which display blank pages.

“A user explained that Edge consumed about 50% of CPU usage with 12 Edge processes and 8-10 Windows error reporting processes running. This issue also led to disk space filling up, but it only affected some of their terminal servers.

Following the update, Chrome would open to a blank screen, and logging indicated a GPU load failure. Attempts to fix the issue, including updating VMWare Tools, trying the latest Chrome Beta, and reinstalling Chrome, were unsuccessful. The only solution was to remove the problematic update."

Some forums, such as Mozilla, also wrote similar things where they found a bug that was directly affected in Mozilla Firefox. Even when they have rebooted once, they cannot fix it and it is rumored to come from Windows Server itself.

"They reported error code 0x80070643 and problems when installing the security patch, even on newly built Server 2022 VMs from the official ISO. These VMs have a standard 200GB virtual HDD with a 573MB recovery partition, indicating that the issue is not related to imaging or a flawed base image." User reports that there is a problem in Security Patch on Server 2022.

If you have found a way to fix it, then you can help us through the comment section.