Download Desi Cinemas APK for Android (Updated 2024)


Download Desi Cinemas APK for Android (Updated 2024)


These films are usually interspersed with dance scenes whose choreography is truly Indian. For users who want to unwind by watching Indian movies, the Desi Cinemas application is here to satisfy that desire.

There are so many movie and TV show titles that can be enjoyed through the Desi Cinemas application. Everything can be watched immediately without registration. Starting from heart-wrenching romantic films, funny stomach-churning films, horror films that can make the audience afraid to go to the bathroom at night, to action films that sometimes amaze, everything is at Desi Cinemas.

Features and Highlights

Some of the features and advantages of Desi Cinemas include:

Watch Movies in HD or SD Quality

Some of the films at Desi Cinemas can be watched in HD quality, while the rest are films with standard and low visual quality.

HD quality has a better visual display but requires a large bandwidth so that movies can be watched comfortably. Considering that data packages are still very expensive for the majority of users, HD movies are only suitable to be enjoyed when the cellphone is connected to the internet via a wifi network.

Many Amazing Bollywood Action Movies

Action films produced by filmmakers in India are famous for their action actions that often challenge logic. One example is the scene that shows the main player being shot many times but still violent in fighting and still able to dialogue with his nemesis for a long time.

Non-stop Entertainment

There are more than 100 channels available at Desi Cinemas. This number is added to the various titles of movies and TV shows. Even if you stare at your cellphone screen all day and don't sleep at all, the entertainment shows that you can watch will be endless.


Desi Cinemas does not only present Bollywood entertainment. There are news channels such as Reuters TV, USA Today, Financial Times, and CBS to follow the latest news in other countries. All of these channels are suitable for users who don't want to miss foreign news.

Download Desi Cinemas APK (Updated 2023)

Whether it's old or new movies, educational TV shows or just entertaining, you can enjoy them at Desi Cinemas. Finding a specific movie title is also easy. Just type the title in the available field. If the title of the movie exists, in an instant it will appear and ready to be watched.

Movie titles that can be sorted based on certain criteria also make it easier for you to watch the latest movies. Simply by setting the sorting mode to Latest, all the movies will be instantly sorted from the ones that just appeared in Desi Cinemas to the oldest movies. Download Desi Cinemas APK latest version for Android at the link below: