Download EA Desktop App for Free (2024 Latest)


Download EA Desktop App for Free (2024 Latest)


Love playing games? Gaming is a fun activity and even provides benefits when doing it. One of the benefits felt from playing games is that it can be a way to refresh.

Some people do prefer to play games instead of doing activities outside. Nowadays there are many games that you can play. To play the game, you are usually required to download it first.

Currently it is an application that you can use to download your favorite games. The application is called EA Desktop App which is actually also a replacement for Origin that we have long known.

Through the EA Desktop App, EA intends to teach gamers to move away from Origin Games. When it was released in 2020, many people gave a positive response because they got some new features. This is a much-anticipated upgrade and the longer the EA Desktop App looks more mature.

EA Desktop App Features

So what makes people have to move from Origin Games to EA Desktop App? You can see through the features in it.

1. Cooler Look

The first and most noticeable feature of EA Desktop App is its appearance. Indeed, not a few complained that the appearance of Origin Games seemed old.

If you compare it with Steam, of course, the appearance of Origin Games still looks less attractive. Therefore, EA then introduced the EA Desktop App with a fresher look. This will provide its own experience the first time you open the application.

2. Better Performance

In addition to the appearance, another obstacle experienced by Origin Games users is its sometimes slow performance. This of course provides a less pleasant experience. Though the specifications of the device used are more than enough to run the application.

But in fact, Origin games still feels slow. Unlike when you use EA Desktop App. This application offers better performance. You can access it faster, as long as the internet you use is stable.

3. Easy Update Process

EA Desktop App also offers an easy update process. To perform the update, just a few steps are needed. The update process will automatically take place and you just have to wait until the whole process has been completed.

Download the Latest EA Desktop App

EA Desktop App is a solution offered by EA so that gamers get a better experience than when using Origin Games. The application offers several improvements in both appearance and performance.

This makes EA Desktop App able to compete with competitors such as Steam, Ubisoft Connect, and others. Now it's time to download the app and have a new, better experience. Download the latest EA Desktop App via the link below: