Download Free YouTube Download (Latest 2024)


Download Free YouTube Download (Latest 2024)


Quite a lot of videos on YouTube were previously available but suddenly could not be found again after some time. Some of them were removed by YouTube because they were considered to violate the rules, some were removed by the video owner himself for certain considerations. In this case, the easiest way to anticipate it is to use Free YouTube Download.

Free YouTube Download allows you to download all the YouTube videos you like in just a few steps. You can choose the quality of the video to be downloaded ranging from the lowest quality to videos whose resolution reaches 8K UHD.

Free YouTube Download Features

To download a video, you need the URL of the video to paste in Free YouTube Download. Then the video will be loaded first in the queue list. After that you can immediately start the download or wait until all the videos have been collected. This software does not support batch downloads, so videos can only be downloaded one by one even though the list contains several videos.

Each video is downloaded based on a predefined file format and by default the downloaded video is a video with a resolution of 720p, so you should first change it through Options if you want another resolution. You also need to set a folder to store downloads before starting the download process.

Free YouTube Download supports several video and audio formats, namely .mp4, .mkv, .webm, .avi and .mp3. You can choose to download the video in its original format or convert it to another format. In addition, there is also an option that allows you to get two versions of the video in one download. What these two versions mean is the original video and the converted video. While the option that needs to be enabled for this is the Keep original YouTube files after conversion option.

This software can also download VP9 videos which usually have better quality but smaller file size than h264 videos. However, before downloading VP9, you should first check if your hardware supports VP9. If not, usually the CPU temperature will rise quite drastically when playing VP9 videos.

Download Free YouTube Download 

By default, any video that has finished downloading will be saved using the title or name of the video. If necessary, you can add prefixes and suffixes to the file name in the form of download date, resolution, numbering, and word. For example, a video titled Nara would be 001_Nara or 001_Nara_21-08-2019. The addition of prefixes and suffixes to these file names occurs automatically.

The last one is the Save List feature. Maybe you've ever wanted to download several videos but only managed to download one because you had to leave your computer. With this feature, you can save a list that contains all the videos that have not been downloaded. At a later time this list can be reopened to resume pending downloads. Download Free YouTube Download the latest and free via the link below: