Download Latest Greenshot 2024 (Free Download)


Download Latest Greenshot 2024 (Free Download)


There are many software available for you to use in capturing screen shots both on computers and laptops. Each of these software has its own advantages so that there is a lot of software that is very popular with a very large number of users.

The presence of this screenshot software is indeed very helpful. Especially if you are a content creator. You have to create a lot of tutotiral videos that require you to capture the screen view on your device individually.

For Windows users, you are actually equipped with built-in screenshot software. The software is Snaptool that you can use to capture the screen on the computer. However, not a few also want to find other software because of the limited use of Snaptool.

By using other software, you can perform several tasks such as highlighting, annotation, cropping, or obfuscating (almost the same as the smudge tool in GIMP). Because there is so much software available, some people are confused to choose which is the best software that should be used.

Features and Benefits of Greenshot

For that we recommend Greenshot. This is a screenshot software that is quite popular. Many people have used it and it turns out that Greenshot is able to provide results in accordance with expectations. You can immediately use it to take pictures on your computer or laptop screen easily and quickly.

In Greenshot you can also choose whether you want to capture the screen in its entirety or full screen or capture the view in a certain part. You can run all these tasks through Greenshot software.

In addition, you can also directly save or export your screenshots. You can also directly upload the image either through Dropbox, Picasa, Flickr, including directly sending it to others. A software that does provide a lot of convenience for its users. Some of the features you can find inside Greenshot are among the lin:

  • Greenshot allows you to take screenshots easily and quickly
  • You can choose which part you want to screenshot. You can also wipe all the images you see on the screen
  • Greenshot is software that you can download regularly. You can also use it immediately when you finish installing
  • The light file size doesn't make your device's performance problematic

Download the Latest Greenshot

That's all the explanation about Greenshot software. In conclusion, you can choose the software as an option to facilitate your work related to screenshots rather than just using the default software on Windows OS.

After finishing installing Greenshot, you can immediately open it and just choose which part you will capture. The results are directly saved in the Screenshots folder. Download the latest Greenshot Download for free via the link below: