Download Latest Real Office 2024 (Free Download)


Download Latest Real Office 2024 (Free Download)


Real Office is an application needed by office workers and students, users can create, view and edit OpenOffice, Microsoft Office and other documents files from one application.  This application is an alternative application that has a lighter and more economical size than Microsoft Office Suite applications.

As you know, Microsoft Office is an application that is quite expensive for us to buy a license. Well, an alternative application that we can access for free is Real Office. Although it's free, Real Office has the same functionality as Microsoft Office. Therefore, you can use this application easily and quickly.

You can open files, create files, edit office files in this application. The application also allows you to open a wide variety of document file formats that you need. Small features that exist in Microsoft Office have also been applied to this Real Office application. Examples are like spelling features. This application has implemented a spell checker feature for its word documents.

Features and Benefits of Real Office

Real Office is an application that is very suitable for use by students and workers, because this application is very similar to Microsoft Office. If you find it difficult to install and do not want to spend a large budget to buy a Microsoft Office license, then the Real Office application is an alternative choice.

There are several features and advantages in the Real Office application that you can use to simplify and speed up your work. Here are the features and advantages of Real Office.

1. Complete Application

Unlike Microsoft Office, which has different applications for each document, Real Office is an application that encapsulates all existing applications. In one application this includes a variety of applications such as Excel, Word, ODF and Power Point. So you don't need to download or open each application if you want to see the contents of the document.

2. Create and Edit Excel Files

Excel documents are documents that are very commonly used by computer users. Because here users can process the data needed. Real Office can also be used to process Excel documents. With this application you can apply various existing functions such as pivot tables and data visualization.

3. Create and Edit Presentation Files

Power point is an application that can be used to create presentation slides. Real Office has also provided this feature to make it easier for users to make presentations. You can insert objects, animations, and other designs on your slides.

Download the Latest Real Office

Real Office is the all-in-one application ever. With just one app, you can use the different features you need. Download the latest and free Real Office for Windows via the link below: