Download Latest Rekordbox 2024 (Free Download)


Download Latest Rekordbox 2024 (Free Download)



Rekordbox is software that you can use if you want to learn how to become a DJ. We know the DJ or Disk Jockey profession is one of the pretty cool professions. Not a few people who want to become a professional DJ.

Maybe you also often hear names like Alan Walker who is famous for his abilities. His work is also unquestionable in quality and has gone global. However, to be able to reach that stage, of course, professional DJs do not reach it instantly.

There are various stages and obstacles that they have to go through. The process also did not last for a while. For that, if you want to become a professional DJ then you should start immediately.

To be able to play DJ there is no need to have to buy various musical instruments or other equipment. You can take advantage of a software that allows you to play DJ music. The software is Rekordbox which is currently starting to use it.

Features and Advantages of Rekordbox

One of the advantages of Rekordbox is that it has a simple appearance. People who try it for the first time are not too experiencing problems. The menus are also easy to understand so that makes people more interested in using Rekordbox than other software.

In addition, Rekordbox also has quite complete features. You can really practice becoming a professional DJ with the software. Through Rekordbox, you will also be provided with the feature to create playlists.

All you have to do is decide what songs you will play on the DJ controller. Just a few steps and you can create playlists as you wish.

When you first use Rekordbox, you need to select import mode first. Later you have to import various songs that are in your laptop storage. Just have to wait a while for the process to complete. Rekordbox has several features as below:

  • Rekordbox allows you to learn how to become a DJ
  • Rekordbox offers a feature where you can create your own playlists as you wish
  • Has a simple appearance with a light file size. So, using it doesn't make your device's performance compromised
  • You can get it for free

Download Latest Rekordbox

In addition, Rekordbox has been widely taught in various DJ classes or DJ Schools and DJ Courses. This shows that indeed the software has something that other software does not have, namely convenience.

That's the explanation about Rekordbox. In conclusion, you can learn how to play DJ music using this software. File size is not a problem because it will not take up large storage space. Not only that, it's a lightweight piece of software. Download the latest and free Rekordbox via the link below: