Download Microsoft Power BI Desktop 32 / 64-bit (2024 Latest)


Download Microsoft Power BI Desktop 32 / 64-bit (2024 Latest)


Data is one of the most important parts in an organization or business. In business matters, the data will be useful to find out what market conditions are like, customer character, and growth points. Processing data properly is an obligation.

Why? Because through good data management, the business you run will be on the right track. Decision making can also be done precisely and purposefully. Indeed, you can do data management manually.

But this matter will only be troublesome. Especially if you run a large-scale business. Automatically the data that exists in your business is very much. Therefore you need a software that will help you in matters of data management.

Features in Microsoft Power BI Desktop

Many software offer this functionality. But one of the best software you can use is Microsoft Power BI Desktop. From the name you can already know that this is software made by Microsoft.

A company whose name is already very famous. With Microsoft Power BI Desktop, it's easier to manage your data in more detail. Not only that, later the data you have can be displayed in the form of interactive graphs.

So you and others who see it can understand more about the content and intent of the data. Microsoft Power BI Desktop also has the ability to visualize the data you enter. After that, you can easily control the data so you can find out the latest information.

Microsoft Power BI Desktop is software available for Windows computers and laptops. Actually, you can also install it via smartphone because mobile versions are available for Android and IOS. Microsoft Power BI Desktop has several interesting features, including:

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop allows you to input data more easily
  • Your data will also be stored properly and you can access and control whenever you want
  • Through Microsoft Power BI Desktop, you can display the data you have in the form of graphs. So the look can become more attractive
  • Interestingly, Microsoft Power BI Desktop has been integrated with data processing software that is already very popular such as Oracle, MySQL, Salesforce, and so on

Download the latest Microsoft Power BI Desktop

Actually, you can use Microsoft Power BI Desktop for free. It's just that to use all its features, you need to switch to the paid version. This applies to someone who really wants to use the software for work purposes.

However, if you are just learning then try to use the free version first. Download the latest and free Microsoft Power BI Desktop via the link below: