Download Wireshark 32 / 64-bit (Latest 2024)


Download Wireshark 32 / 64-bit (Latest 2024)


Ever heard of software that is famous not because of its function but is often used for hacking purposes. You should read about this one software, Yes the name of the software is Wireshark, a program that can record all data packets and display them in as much detail as possible.

Actually, Wireshark is not designed for hackers because its function is very inversely proportional to hacking. Because this application is intended for network administrators where he can track what happens inside someone's network or to make sure the network is working securely. Wireshark is available for Windows, unix, linux, and Mac. So many developers have contributed to developing this software as a necessity for their company analysis.

Usability and Features of Wireshark

As you should know about Wireshark, it is one of the many Network Analyzer tools that are widely used by Network Administrators to analyze the performance of a network and control the network data traffic that you are managing. This software is a continuation of the previous project that began in 1998 as a standard in various industries.

The software was originally called Ethereum, but by May 2006 it had been renamed wireshark due to trademark issues. With the capabilities possessed by this software, Wireshark is widely used by professional networks for analysis, troubleshooting, software development, and protocols and is also used for educational purposes.

Broadly speaking, we have explained about this wireshark. Well this time we will explain the various uses or functions owned by Wireshark, namely:

  • Wireshark is capable of capturing packets of data or information on the network, and this information will be easily captured and analyzed by the protocol format. Packets that have been recorded are packets that only go through the interface can be via wifi or Ethernet or lan card.
  • Wireshark is used by network administrators to analyze network performance using sniffing. The way it works after we install, we can immediately use sniffing. But make sure the computer you are using is connected to the network that will be disniff.
  • This program is also often used by a chatter to find out the IP of other chatters through typing rooms.
  • Wireshark is also different from mitmf, it can store everything such as photos, pictures, videos. Danger, but the data stored will be a lot, so it needs high patience in filtering data filtering on Wireshark.
  • This tool on Wireshark can analyze the transmission of data packets in the network, connection processes and data transmission between computers.

Download Latest Wireshark

Wireshark is a network analyzer program that has a GUI display. But Wireshark is not a tool for hacking, but because of its ability to read everything, it is often abused to snoop on sensitive data that is not encrypted. In addition, there are still many uses owned by this Wireshark software. Download the latest and free Wireshark via the link below: