Microsoft Edge Fix a bug that caused copying other browser data


Microsoft Edge Fix a bug that caused copying other browser data


Microsoft Edge offers features to easily import data from browsers like Chrome, including tabs, history, and favorites. Of course, to be able to use this feature requires user permission, either during Edge setup or through setup. However, the latest bug causes Edge to copy Chrome data without consent on some users' devices.

As Microsoft watcher Tom Warren and other users observed last month, a bug in Microsoft Edge sometimes causes the browser to launch automatically with imported Chrome data, even if the user doesn't grant permission. This issue mainly affects some people who have recently updated their Windows system.

Then, what caused this problem? According to sources close to the tech giant, Microsoft's Edge sync bug may have accidentally tried to import data from Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers.

Some sources explained that the bug could cause Edge import settings to sync incorrectly between devices. This may result in data being imported without your permission if you previously enabled continuous import on another device. In the new update, which is now available on the stable channel, Microsoft has finally reviewed and has fixed this issue.

This update comes with several improvements and changes, including the following:

  • Fixed various bugs and performance issues.
  • There are also new policy updates (EdgeManagementPolicyOverridesPlatformPolicy and EdgeManagementUserPolicyOverridesCloudMachinePolicy) available for system administrators managing Edge deployments.

In the Release Note page they presented, Edge was recorded to have been analyzed by Microsoft and it is true that there is a bug that causes their system problems. Fortunately, this action is quickly done because browser history is certainly very important for every user, because it involves data while surfing the internet.

As confirmed, it seems that Microsoft Edge's data import feature doesn't sync well between multiple devices. This means a user might allow data import on one device, but Edge still behaves as if permission wasn't granted on another device. This flaw leads to a situation where Edge is seen copying data without the user's knowledge or consent every time it launches.