Microsoft PC Manager Now Released Globally in Microsoft Store Windows 11


Microsoft PC Manager Now Released Globally in Microsoft Store Windows 11



Remember Microsoft's CC Cleaner? The application that was almost released on Windows 11 has now gone through a trial period, where it has now been officially released on the Microsoft Store and is free to download for you Windows 11 users. This shorthand service will manage storage and also increase maximum memory usage.

Microsoft Download has previously said that it doesn't have a Third Party service to clean PCs of junk and memory upgrades, which comes CC Cleaner, which has also gone through a trial period. Now the PC Manager service for Windows 11 which was inaugurated directly by Microsoft has appeared in the Store.

One of its functions looks like when we use the Task Manager, allowing users to easily see what applications are currently running in the background. So you have full control to run the application you want, besides that you can also stop applications that you feel do not need to run at that time.

Similar to Task Manager, right? Here you can also see how much memory usage is running, so you can easily analyze what apps are taking up more RAM or memory. Just click "End" and the app will stop instantly.

There are so many functions offered by PC Manager or CC Cleaner earlier, here is a list of what features you can use in PC Manager:

  • PC Boost: It closes unnecessary processes and deletes the temporary file on your PC. There's also a Smart Boost option, which becomes active when RAM usage shoots up or the temporary files grow bigger than 1 GB.
  • Deep Cleanup: It detects old Windows updates files, recycle bin contents, web cache, and application cache. You can select what to remove or keep.
  • Process: An in-app view of all the running processes on your PC. You can end any process within the app instead of opening Task Manager.
  • Startup: You can manage all the apps that launch on startup. Similar to the Process feature, it reduced the effort of using Task Manager to do so.
  • Large Files: Easily find all the large files on any drive without manually scouring the File Explorer.

Cool right? For you Windows 11 users and curious to try it, please visit the Microsoft Store and download PC Manager. Good luck!