Microsoft Windows 11 Build 26052: Improved Copilot & Sudo


Microsoft Windows 11 Build 26052: Improved Copilot & Sudo


Yesterday we had discussed about the new features that will be present in the Command system in Windows 11, where Sudo will be one of the interactive features in the system. The company has also tested Sudo on the Insider Canary and Dev Channel versions.

So in this update, what is given by Microsoft? The company has released Build OS version 26052 which is claimed to bring quite a lot of new features and one of them is Sudo after being tested in the two Insider Program versions earlier. With the presence of Sudo, you will be given more options to execute the Command Line in Windows 11.

A little explanation, to execute the Command Line as an administrator, you can open Command Prompt in the Window. However, you can't open the console as an administrator, right? Well Command will not work to change the system you are working on. With Sudo, you can open Command Prompt as usual and run specific Commands.

Isn't it cool? Not only that's the improvement provided by Microsoft, but improvements for a better Headset system, where the presence of Hearing-aid Support in the Bluetooth system. With this, you can adjust the sound input and adjust it to the right and left ears.

"With the 26052 Build, Microsoft is adding a new section in Bluetooth settings dedicated to controlling ambient sounds and audio presets. The new section appears only when hearing aids are connected to the system via Bluetooth. To access the features, head to System > Sound > Hearing aids (Under Input section). You will control ambient sounds automatically or adjust them for the left and right ears individually."

Another feature that we can't skip is that in Windows 11 now users can test the Mic for different processes and modes. You can also input the amount of volume, until you start testing the connected Mic. When you click "Recorder" then you will start listening to your own voice recording.

Isn't it cool? There are many other improvements presented in Build OS 26052, here we summarize:

  • Windows Mixed Reality headset has been depreciated. It won't work with Windows 11 going further.
  • Microsoft Defender Application Guard (MDAG) for Office and Edge has been removed.
  • The Energy Saver icon has been changed.
  • Windows will still filter out uncommon devices while searching for Bluetooth connections, but now you can override this feature by selecting Advanced for Bluetooth Devices discovery.
  • In the Registry Editor, you can limit the search to a specific Key.
  • Power Grid Forecast API has been introduced for Developers.
  • Text for slow charger notification has been changed.
  • You can use the Camera app for connecting to Wi-Fi using QR code.
  • Option to Show Wi-Fi password moved to top in Wi-Fi Settings.
  • The Storage Spaces section in Settings has been improved.