Qualcomm: Microsoft Brings Big AI Upgrade in Windows 11


Qualcomm: Microsoft Brings Big AI Upgrade in Windows 11


Some time ago Qualcomm confirmed that Snapdragon X Elite, which after testing has a high speed and faster than Apple M3. The latest news says that the release will slide in 2024, to be precise in mid-2024.

Regarding support for the Windows operating system, Qualcomm itself leaked that there will be major changes brought by Microsoft through Windows, where some rumors say that the improvements provided are related to Artificial Intelligence or AI that they have previously brought in Copilot.

"Qualcomm didn't tell us the name of the next big Windows release, but the company confirmed that Microsoft is testing several AI features. It is worth noting that Qualcomm is an important partner of Microsoft, and it's hoping that the next big Windows release will be a game changer in the market.

While answering another investor's question, Qualcomm's CEO highlighted increasing design wins since the Snapdragon X Elite's announcement last October. The Snapdragon X Elite aims to set a new benchmark for next-generation Windows PCs, focusing on on-device AI, a field where Qualcomm has been pioneering."

Windows 11 or 12?

The upgrade is indeed related to major changes of the processor and operating system, so we are still confused whether this upgrade is for the Windows 11 or 12 operating system.

Because, the processor provided by Qualcomm is the latest version which has not yet been released (Mid-2024). Regarding Hudson Valley is also one of the considerations, because this project is devoted to windows 11 24H2.

"This initiative is part of Qualcomm's broader strategy following its acquisition of NUVIA, where the focus has shifted towards designing custom cores for the PC market. This move was motivated by the need to achieve performance leadership within the Windows ecosystem, requiring Qualcomm to develop its CPU technology.

The success of the X Elite chipset is seen as a stepping stone for Qualcomm, not just in PCs but across all its product lines. Previously, Qualcomm made some big claims that Snapdragon X Elite is much faster than Apple M chips."

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