Samsung Plans to Increase Sales Target of Galaxy S24 Series


Samsung Plans to Increase Sales Target of Galaxy S24 Series


At the beginning of 2024, many large companies have big plans for the continuity of their companies, including Samsung which has just released their Galaxy S24 Series. This year they again announced that they would increase the total sales target of the Galaxy S24 Series, Thursday (08/02).

Samsung is currently opening Pre-Orders in several countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea to the Netherlands, which is targeted to sell up to 13 million units and Samsung said that this figure will be achieved before the second quarter.

According to some sources, Samsung has currently sold the Galaxy S24 Series at 12 million units and continues to grow. For the most ordered variant is the Galaxy S24 Ultra which is highlighted more by Samsung, sales are also higher in some countries than the Galaxy S24 + and S24.

"According to the source, the previous estimate for H1 2024 was 12 million units which translates to a 1 million increase. Galaxy S24 Ultra was the leading pre-order driver for Samsung in South Korea and India and it is expected to remain the leading seller in the following months."

When viewed from several strategies made by Samsung, the Pre-Order period is a good way to see how far consumers want their products. Yesterday's Galaxy S23 Series also got the appropriate target, even so the sales were not satisfactory.

In 2024, Samsung plans to boost sales of the Galaxy S24 Series by opening a Pre-Order period in several countries and recorded more than the Galaxy S23 Series. Of course, there is a reason behind Samsung's target, where after COVID-19 ended, the company earned quite a lot of losses and little profit.

Samsung's sales are fairly low, even surpassed by Xiaomi. Therefore, Samsung is trying to rise by targeting their sales more during the Pre-Order period, 13 million units is not a small number. Considering that some previous Galaxy Series even only sold up to 20 million units in brackets a year.

What do you think about Samsung's plans for 2024? Samsung's Marketing Team seems to have to be extra overtime.