Slowly But Surely, Microsoft Encourages Users to Switch to Outlook


Slowly But Surely, Microsoft Encourages Users to Switch to Outlook



Microsoft this year is known to pretty much stop some of their built-in app support, yesterday there was WordPad which also started stopping in the Windows 11 Insider version. Not only WordPad, but the Mail & Calendar service is also slowly starting to be discontinued, users are expected to switch to the Outlook version.

It is no longer common for Outlook services to be an all-round service that allows users to easily and quickly receive and send emails, arrange schedules, save contacts to create To Do Lists quickly and easily. This service has indeed begun to be focused by Microsoft since the beginning of its release, from here it is certain that almost the same service will be stopped.

Another service that offers almost the same features is Mail & Calendar, a service that has been around since the release of Windows 10 is indeed quite popular, even in the midst of switching Outlook there are still many Windows users who are comfortable with Mail & Calendar features and access. This made Microsoft pivot the way how to get users to switch to Outlook.

Recently users discovered that if you open the Outlook service, Microsoft will display a kind of Pop-up Ads that appear with cool animations. However, you will find an information that Mail & Calendar will be redirected to Outlook.

"Outlook is replacing Mail and Calendar." Written on the messages they shared. With this, it is certain that Microsoft is indeed planning to discontinue the Mail and Calendar service and users are expected to move or migrate to Outlook.

“The old Mail and Calendar app will remain on the Microsoft Store until December 31, 2024. After that, you have no choice but to accept the new Outlook app with open arms. If you are adamant, you can download the package installer and keep using the Mail and Calendar app after 2024, but it won’t receive updates or support.”

 There are many things that do need to be fixed in Outlook, one of which does not support PTS files. But Microsoft promises to provide similar support in the future, what do you think?