TikTok Apps Now Officially Available on Apple Vision Pro


TikTok Apps Now Officially Available on Apple Vision Pro



YouTube said yesterday that it has no plans to develop native apps on Apple's Vision Pro, which should allow users to open browser services like Safari to access YouTube. In contrast, TikTok announced that it has released Native Apps to support Apple Vision Pro.

TikTok itself has indeed confirmed, but we don't know when exactly this official launch will be presented. Even this is like a competition between the two platforms, when YouTube from Google does not provide support for Vision Pro, TikTok came up with an announcement that was counterintuitive.

Make no mistake, TikTok itself has become a competitor to YouTube in recent years. This is because TikTok managed to steal interest and spotlight from social media users, even allegedly able to beat YouTube. Although currently the platform from Google still holds a large number of total active users, seeing the development of TikTok should be able to easily soar YouTube in the next few months.

Today in the United States the TikTok service has arrived at Apple Vision Pro, it is also rumored that it will continue to provide support until the Vision Pro is released in the global market. You can spend time looking at the more attractive, dynamic and visually stunning display that Vision Pro offers.

BUTIII!! Our advice is that later when Vision Pro has been released in Indonesia and you are interested in buying it, always set the time or duration when using Vision Pro. In our opinion, if you use certain services like TikTok on Vision Pro then you will lose track of time. Just imagine, you Scroll Videos on TikTok with a display like this:

Pewe, isn't that? Surely the taste of Mager will be felt and you don't even realize the time you spend while watching or watching entertainment shows on TikTok. For example, when you open TikTok on your phone, you don't realize you've spent a lot of time viewing and enjoying the service, right? This will also be felt when you use TikTok on Vision Pro which looks super clear and attractive.

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