Download Messenger for PC Latest 2024 (Free Download)


Download Messenger for PC Latest 2024 (Free Download)



Messenger is an application that can be used to send messages instantly, but to be able to enjoy this application you must first have a Facebook account. Not only can you send text messages, you can also make voice to video calls.

As you know, currently Facebook users have mushroomed in Indonesia. That way, we can easily contact relatives and people who are far away from us easily. Facebook messenger is also included in social media. But it is devoted to communicating. You can also make friends with people all over the world. Because everything can be done thanks to the internet network.

Did you know that messenger apps send almost 10 billion messages every day? The message was also conveyed quickly. To reply to him, we can also reply quickly. This is why many users love sending messages through Messenger so much. Facebook users must already know how convenient it is to use messenger to exchange messages.

Features and Benefits of Messenger for PC

To make the conversation even more interesting, messenger for pc brings a wide range of features and advantages. You can exchange messages without any annoying ads. In addition, there are many other features and advantages of the messenger application for pc. Here are some of its features and advantages.

Send GIF Files

GIF is an image that will display a moving view. Well, in this application already provides various kinds of GIF files that you can send to your relatives or acquaintances on the messenger. You can think of this GIF file like stickers on other chat apps.

Pin Conversations

Having a meaningful conversation? You can tag them by way of conversation Pins. With this feature you don't have to bother scrolling through previous conversations. Especially if the conversations in your chat have been very piled up. It will definitely be very difficult to find it. The shortcut is that you can pin the conversation.

Give Chats Color

This feature is useful for distinguishing one conversation from another. You can give a special color to a conversation, this can also prevent monotony.

Share Location

Do you want to meet your friends? You can use the share location feature to send your current location. This will make it very easy for your friends to find you and then you can meet.

Download the latest Messenger for PC

Messenger also makes it easy for users to communicate with people abroad. Because this application can translate foreign languages well. Now you can communicate with people all over the world easily. Please download the latest Messenger for PC below: