How to Remove Viruses on Smartphones Android quickly


How to Remove Viruses on Smartphones Android quickly - How to remove viruses on Android smartphones and tablets. Do you know what a virus is? Yes, viruses are a disturbing type of file that is crowned as a file that can damage the system, both on a computer or smartphone. Viruses cannot be seen in real terms, because they are hidden. And only anti-virus can detect it.

Did you know that there was hundreds of thousands or even millions of types of virus files that have been found throughout the world? Which means if the file is inserted on the Android system or computer, it will deter and disrupt your daily activities. But it's interesting and extraordinary is, there is an operating system called Linux that doesn't say that it cannot be infected by any virus. And even if you use the system, you can remove viruses manually without having to install any antivirus.

For example, if your Windows has been infected with a virus shortcut, and if your computer is connected to a flash disk which is important data, all data will change into a shortcut and cannot be opened.

But it's interesting, you can still open data on flash using a Linux-based OS, even though your flash has been hit by a virus. Then, what about Android? Isn't Android based on Linux too? All Android OSes from the first version until now use Linux-based OS. But the reality is that Android can still be infected by a virus. So if you have to install it with an anti-virus specifically for the Android OS.

Remove Android Viruses with CM Security

CM Security is one of the free antivirus software for Android smartphones and tablets. One of the conveniences offered by this application is that it can scan the Android system (internal memory) with just one click. Not only that, you can also delete cache files, block incoming calls, provide security on Wi-Fi, improve Android performance, and many other advanced features. Then, how do you get rid of viruses with CM security? This is the tutorial.

1. First, download and install CM Security through the APK pure for free. Click the following link to download: CM Security

2. After successfully installing, open the application. And later you will be presented with a display with the interface of CM Security. Immediately, just tap "Scan Applications & System" . Wait for the virus scanning process to complete. It only takes a few seconds to scan the system and applications.

3. Then later you will be shown the results of the scanning process. As seen in the image below. On the smartphone I own, it looks like there is a problem that I need to fix. Tap "Overcome All" . Wait until the scanning process is complete, and your smartphone will be safe again.

4. I think it's easy enough to use CM security applications as a security application for Android smartphones and tablets. In my opinion, CM security is light enough and can make smartphone performance faster.

5. Finish.

By following the steps above, the virus on your Android smartphone will disappear. Then, what if I want to remove the virus on the SD card (Micro SD)? Take it. This application can also remove viruses in your Android external memory.

Remove viruses in Android external memory

In addition to scanning direct android systems and internal memory. You can also use CM security to scan external memory or microSD. The method is almost the same as above, and it's easy enough for you to do. For more details, you can see the steps below.

1. In the CM security interface section you will definitely see 3 lines in the upper right corner, tap it. Then tap the "SD card scan" to start scanning the virus on the SD card.

2. And if no virus is detected, the results will look safe. But if there is no virus, then your Android phone is safe. Good luck!!

3. Finish.

Just sharing:

In addition, not only CM security, you can also use other anti-viruses such as AVG, Avast Mobile Security, Kapersky Internet Security, or McAfee Free Antivirus & Security. But before you have to remember that you can only install one anti-virus on Android, not 2 or 3.

AVG Antivirus Security is a powerful anti-virus application for Android smartphones and tablets. Apart from Android, AVG is also available for laptops (desktops), iOS, and Windows Phone. This anti-virus application is an anti-virus application that is reliable, proven many desktop users and Android use this application. Interested in trying, download it for free through the Google Play Store.

Avast Mobile Security is an application that is able to protect or protect files or applications that enter Android phones. The antivirus also has a firewall feature, so browsing through cyberspace or online will be protected. Want to try, download free Avast Mobile via Google Play Store.

McAfee Free Antivirus & Security is an application that can protect your Android device from a threatening virus. The most unfortunate thing about this anti-virus is that it needs a lot of memory. Anti-virus is not suitable for cellphones with small memory capacity because if you force it, the Android phone will feel heavy and slow.

Lookout Mobile Security is an anti-virus application that has anti-theft features for remotely controlled cellphones. In addition to scanning malicious files or viruses, this anti-virus can also scan junk files in the form of cache or temporary files that make your cellphone function slowly.

Hansel Web Anti Virus is an anti-virus application that offers many advantages compared to other anti-viruses. From the free version, anti-virus provides viral scanning features, anti-malware, and notifications or notifications when outsiders try to steal data on your Android device.

Thus a brief review of how to remove viruses on Android phones easily and quickly, hopefully it can be useful for all. If there is something you want to ask about the article above, please write in the comments column