12 Free Music Download Sites for Free, Fast & Legal


12 Free Music Download Sites for Free, Fast & Legal


Blogmagz.com - Nowadays, music seems to be a necessity for everyone. In various activities or events, there is a lot of music that accompanies, for example, celebrations, birthdays, or other events. Listening to music is now more often done online via mobile phones. 

However, to listen to music online of course requires an internet quota. If you continue to do this, of course you can waste internet. Therefore, one of the efforts made is to download it first and save it on the cellphone.  However, now downloading songs must be done legally and properly. Don't let you download songs incorrectly because it will harm musicians.

Free Music Download Sites Legal

Today, anyone can enjoy streaming music for free and legally. There are lots of applications and sites that provide it and all of them can be utilized. Here are some lists of free and accessible MP3 download sites.

1. Free Amazon Music Store

For those who really like to download legal MP3s, of course, you are familiar with the Amazon music store site. You can visit Amazon's web page in the digital music section. There will be displayed a lot of songs that can be downloaded for free. 

2. ReverbNation

Apart from Amazon, a website to download legal MP3s containing various popular songs is ReverbNation. You can find songs from popular bands such as Alabama and Imagine Dragons. Various genres of music such as hip hop, reggae, pop, and others can be found easily.

3. Joox

Anyone must be familiar with Joox which is one of the legal and free MP3 download platforms. You can find various musical works from local and foreign singers easily. 

4. SoundCloud

Free music sharing website SoundCloud is also known as one that is legal and has a large collection of songs that are pleasant to hear. There are also many indie singers who share their work on this platform. You can download the application for free on the Playstore and App Store, to enjoy various songs there.

5. Free Music Archive

If you aim to give appreciation to trusted indie musicians, then you can visit the free music archive website. There, a lot of music works that you can enjoy for free. Various cool playlists that match the theme can be listened to via mobile devices. 

6. SoundClick

When you open the Soundclick site, you can also download various songs from a number of your favorite musicians for free. There are thousands of songs from popular genres that you can enjoy. You can also type in the search field if you want to find a specific song title. Previously, you must first register on this website.

7. Jamendo

Jamendo is a platform that facilitates independent musicians who do not have a signature for the distribution of music to their fans. Today it's because there are over 240,000 royalty-free songs as well as over 40,000 artists.

Application users will be directed to music genres, for example rock. Next, Jamendo will show you a number of famous albums, tracks and artists. You can also sort music by popularity, trend, or latest release.

8. Mouseopen

MouseOpen is a non-profit site that focuses on the development of information and access about music as well as educational materials. This site contains free recorded music, text boxes, and sheet music that users can listen to for free. If you like orchestral music, this site is perfect for listening to. 

9. Besonic

You can also visit Besonic to listen to songs that look like SoundCloud. On this site, there is a huge database of thousands of songs that can be downloaded without spending a penny. Various genres can also be chosen from alternative, electro, classical, hardrock, hip hop, and others. 

10. Mp3Skulls

For those of you who are already familiar with free songs, mp3skulls are familiar, of course. This site is a favorite of many people who want to listen to free music easily. The choices provided are also very diverse and of high quality. 

In terms of features, the search is quite fast and the navigation is simple. The advantages of mp3skulls also provide MP3 and MP4 formats. However, in terms of appearance, it is a bit uncomfortable and there are no filters that are adapted to the genre

11. Ncs.io

The abbreviation for this site is no copyright music. This means that the available music is non-copyrighted and does not need prior approval from the owner to be downloaded. Actually, many sites provide NCS songs, but ncs.io is arguably the most complete.

12. YouTube

You can also of course listen to music for free through the offline YouTube application. The point here, listen to it by downloading it first and left without using internet quota. However, of course the downloaded songs are free for copyrighted songs that cannot be done. 

Those are a number of places to download MP3s for free that you can choose. Listening to songs at every opportunity is fun, especially if it suits your mood. A song can also increase enthusiasm and change the mood from sad to happy.