Easy! How to Update Google Chrome on Android 2022


Easy! How to Update Google Chrome on Android 2022


Blogmagz.com - “How do I update Google Chrome? After all, what are the real benefits of updating software?” Has this kind of question ever crossed your mind? If yes, let's discuss this together. Software update activity is one of the activities that we think software users should do. Various types of software will of course always be updated and developed by the developer, with the aim of eliminating all kinds of bugs, errors, and adding security related to the use of the software.

In other words, the software update activity is nothing but useful for you, the user of the software itself. In addition, some software even gives you updates for free or free, so in our opinion there is no reason for you not to update the software. No exception browser software like Google Chrome. In fact, we think updates are very important, because of course your computer or laptop is at risk of various kinds of exposure to viruses or malware that are in cyberspace there.

In addition, Google as the developer of this browser is willing to provide you with free and guaranteed updates of course with all the latest types of protection. Another nice thing about this Google Chrome update in our opinion is, often you will find a new, interesting look! Then how do you actually update Google Chrome? Let's read!

How to Update Google Chrome for Computer

Actually updates are done automatically by Google Chrome when you close your Google Chrome and your computer is connected to the internet. However, if you don't close your browser at all, but there happens to be an update that you must do, usually you will see an update that is pending alias delayed.

How to see the status of the update on the computer? Now to do this you can open Google Chrome of course, and then in the upper right corner you can see the more menu which is marked with three vertically arranged dots.

The menu can be an indicator of your google chrome update, i.e. if it is green it means that the google chrome update has been available for 2 days, if it is orange or orange then the google chrome update is available for 4 days, and if it is red then the google chrome update is available for 7 days.

Then how to update google chrome based on this status? Easy. You just click the more menu and then you can choose the option to update google chrome , and let your browser work, then click relaunch . Voila! You already have the most up-to-date Google Chrome!

If you are not sure whether the google chrome on your computer or laptop is updated enough, you can open the more menu in the top right corner of your google chrome. Then you can continue by clicking help and about google chrome . With this you will be given the latest version number of google chrome that you have.

How to Update Google Chrome for Android

However, you can also check manually. The trick is to open the Play Store application on your smartphone or tablet. Then you can select the menu with three lines in the upper left corner of your screen and then you can select my apps & games .

Now in this menu you can see several updates available for each application under the updates menu . Carefully, please search for Chrome. Now if there is Chrome in the updates menu, it means that Google Chrome on your smartphone or tablet does not have the most updated version yet. Please click update and let your smartphone or tablet work.

How to Update Google Chrome for Apple

Finally, for those of you who use an Ipad or Iphone, we also have a way to update Google Chrome for you. As with previous methods, this time you can open the App Store on your device. After successfully opening the App Store, please look at the bottom of your screen in the updates tab . It should be if your google chrome hasn't been updated, it will be there.

You simply select update and then your device will automatically download and install the latest version of Google Chrome.

We need to provide some information for those of you who want to update your google chrome on iOS, that there are some features that until now cannot be presented on your device, even though you have updated google chrome to the latest version.

Some of these features include a data saver where Google's servers will automatically compress data so that you download less data to your device. Other features that don't exist yet are cookie settings, auto detect encoding, do not track settings, and your enterprise support multi profiles .

Some of the features above in our opinion are actually quite important, such as cookie settings which allow you to delete cookies or allow and block all cookies and perform manual settings related to cookies on specific web pages.

In addition, another feature that we think is quite important but is not included in this iOS version of Google Chrome is the do not track setting where you can choose so that a web page does not collect or track your browsing data.

How to Update Google Chrome: Error Message While Updating?

One of the things that annoys users when updating is error messages that are sometimes difficult or even unintelligible. So don't worry, in addition to how to update Google Chrome, we will also share some error messages that often appear when updating and some solutions.

Some of the error messages that you usually encounter, for example (1) update failed where the update was disconnected by the administrator, (2) error 3 or 11 where an error occurred while updating to the server, (3) error 4 or 10 where an error occurred due to failure to start the update check , and (4) error 7 or 12 where there is a failure to download the google chrome update file.

Some of the solutions we recommend for those of you who encounter the error messages above, or various other error messages that you may not encounter, are to re-download Google Chrome.

Checking antivirus (firewalls, to parental control settings), rebooting the computer and updating google chrome again, checking for malware or viruses that may enter your computer or laptop without your knowledge, and the last thing is to make sure that your laptop or computer is completely clean. completely compatible with google chrome!

Happy updating!