5 Best Sites Of Free Online Logo Maker And Download


5 Best Sites Of Free Online Logo Maker And Download


Free Site To Create Logo Online Maker And Download . Do you already have a business and are ready to launch but don't have strong branding yet? Sure, the basic thing you need as a business branding process is a logo. Logo design must be able to visually reflect the identity of a business, and what appears on a logo usually contains a business concept.

A logo that reflects your business concept is certainly needed to create a successful business, both online and offline. A good logo is not only based on the logo design itself, but must also be able to represent the important elements that are the foundation of a business.

Because no matter how good the logo design is if it doesn't match the business concept, what value will be given to customers? Not everyone can make a logo for the business, so they need logo creation services to do it.

Why Is a Logo Important For Business?

A logo acts as the 'face' of every business that appears in public. A logo explains the concept of a business visually and is able to be a representative in running a business, so that when a logo is known, people can also quickly understand your business.

For this reason, making a logo is certainly very important for the development of the business itself, and without a business logo it will be difficult to develop. But, if you're just starting out, trying to create your own branding, with the bootstrapping method, you can create a logo online with the following free site:

Best Sites Of Free Online Logo Maker And Download

Logo Generator – Spaces

I like the minimalist look of spaces and it's very easy to use. The logo that it is capable of producing will also be in the form of a minimalist shape. So, if you really want to create a minimalist online logo for your business, one of these free sites for creating logos online is not to be missed.

Just enter your business name, specify the type of font/text, icon, and frame. You can see how it looks pre-displayed, so you can decide whether to keep using the logo for later downloading or are interested in trying other free logo creation sites.

Logo Maker – Ucraft

Overall just like the previous selection from Spaces, Ucraft provides a free online logo creation tool for anyone who doesn't want to bother creating a simple, minimalist logo. The interesting thing offered by this online logo creation site is that anyone can create an online logo with a high-resolution .png file, so that it can be reused for various things. HERE


Logoshi is no less simple than the previous options. This site provides a very simple tool for anyone to produce a unique logo. Just enter the brand name, slogan, and color accents. After that the result of your settings will appear below it. You can choose one of the logos among the results that appear and can download it to then use as your business logo. HERE

GraphicSprings Logo Creator

GraphicSprings seems to provide more flexible logo creation customization options among others. You can enter your business name and choose an icon/symbol based on your business category.

You can also change the type of font/text for your business name, change the color of the text and symbols, and can even add other symbols. There are several other settings that you can use to make your logo look more attractive and unique. HERE

Last word

That's a list of 5 free sites to create logo maker and download that you can use right now. Each of them certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the result may be far from your expectations.

If the free site to create an online logo above is not able to be a solution to your business branding efforts through a logo, try taking advantage of logo creation services from freelancers.