Google Officially Releases Early Stable for Chrome 110


Google Officially Releases Early Stable for Chrome 110


Google is reportedly preparing for the release of Google Chrome 110, which is planned to provide support for Manifest V3. Now Google has released a small update for some of the selected users, Thursday (02/02).

Google has now officially released Early Stable for the update they are providing in the Chrome 110 service, where this update is given for a small percentage of Chrome users. This release plan is in accordance with the schedule that has been announced by Google since December 2022 yesterday.

It is known that since December 2022, Google had given a reschedule of the release of the beta version of Chrome 110 which will be presented on January 12, 2023. Later in the schedule they gave Google also planned to release Early Stable for Chrome 110 a week before the launch of the Stable version.

"We are making a change to the release schedule for Chrome. From Chrome 110, the initial release date to stable will be one week earlier. This early stable version will be released to a small percentage of users, with the majority of people getting the release a week later at the normally scheduled date, this will also be the date the new version is available from the Chrome download page." Write Google through its official page.

If it matches what Google wrote, then this week a small percentage of users have gained access to the Chrome 110 service, considering that Google itself will release an update to Chrome 110 on February 7, 2023 later.

Some users of Chrome themselves have gained access to these updates, where you can check them regularly through updates available directly in Chrome. Indeed, only a small percentage of users get access, so there are most likely many users who do not get this Early Stable.

Regarding Early Stable, actually Google will give their first release when they officially release the official version of Chrome 110. But Google wants to try to do a small trial with the release of the Early Stable version as early as one week before they release the official update from Google Chrome.

What do you think? If you get access to download the first update from Early Update Stable Chrome, then you can write it directly in the comments column.