Download Inkscape 32 / 64-bit Free Now (Latest 2024)


Download Inkscape 32 / 64-bit Free Now (Latest 2024)


Today's technology does offer convenience for human life. Even work that used to be completed in a matter of months can now be completed in just a matter of weeks and with better results. One field of work that has used today's technology is drawing or often referred to as design.

It used to draw using only a book or canvas with a pen or brush. Now making a design image can use PCs and laptops, of course, with the help of design software such as Inkscape. Inkscape is an editor software for creating vector images. Amazingly, this software has been equipped with an open source license by the GNU GPL.

Features and Benefits of Inkscape

Inkscape was created by Raph Levien in 2003. Where the main purpose of making this software is to become a reliable image editor software by meeting the standards of XML, SVG, and CSS. Inkscape itself is a cross-platform software commonly used on the Mac OS X operating system. Inkscape is equipped with several advanced features such as:

Create an object

Because the main function of Inkscape is to create a vector image, the features in it can also function to create objects. There are tools that you can use to create objects such as drawing, shape tools, text tools, embedded bitmaps, and clones.

Object manipulation

Besides being able to be used to create an object, Inkscape can also be used to manipulate objects.

Coloring objects

Ready-made images or designs, of course, must be colored so that they can look more real. Inkscape also provides a fill and stroke feature that you can use to color objects or your images. The tools that you can use in this feature such as color selector, color picker, pattern fill, and many more.

Support text

The design is not only glued to an image that is made as a whole but can also be on the text used. Inkscape provides a wide selection of text shapes and colors that you can use.

Download Latest Inkscape

When you finish creating a design drawing, what format do you usually save it in? Is it JPG, XML or PNG? Whatever file format you want, everything is available in Inkscape. Even this software supports SVG file format for storing edited or newly created image files.

Although commonly used on Mac OS X, Inkscape's GTK+ toolkit runs on Quartz, which is Unix-based and Windows. The appearance of Inkscape itself is almost the same as other design software, namely CorelDraw, Ilustaor, and the like. Download the latest and free Inkscape via the link below: