Google 2024 Goals: Development Bard AI Ranked First!


Google 2024 Goals: Development Bard AI Ranked First!



Sundar Pichai as CEO of Google has a lot of vision and mission that they want to do throughout 2024, the main goal of Google is the development of Pixel Phone that they want to make in order to help users in many ways. Pichai said that Google's goal in 2024 is to develop services on Pixel Phone with all-round access.

Through a memo provided by Google, the CEO of this company gave a list of seven goals that they want to realize in 2024, including the following:

  1. Deliver the world’s most advanced, safe, and responsible Al.
  2. Improve knowledge, learning, creativity, and productivity.
  3. Build the most helpful personal computing platforms and devices.
  4. Enable organizations and developers to innovate on Google Cloud.
  5. Provide the world’s most trusted products and platforms.
  6. Build a Google that’s extraordinary for Googlers and the world.
  7. Improve company velocity, efficiency, and productivity, and deliver durable cost savings.

The above list shows what are the goals of Google this year, unsurprisingly they provide AI as a development of the first list they will present. In addition, Google also emphasizes more on work productivity to innovate with Google Cloud.

“Artificial intelligence is unsurprisingly at the top of this list. Gemini Ultra should be nearing launch, while work on future versions of Gemini was something the company already teased as being underway when launching 1.0 in December. Particularly important this year is adding generative AI features that people actually want. For example, Duet AI – to me – is a more straightforward application than SGE.”

The last list is that Google wants to give the best technology development from the device they have released, the Pixel Phone. Their main target is to make a device that can help many users, especially Pixel Phone is a Smartphone device that is devoted to accompany humans in daily activities.

Therefore, it seems not surprising if in the future Google will re-release the Pixel Phone with the development of technology integrated with Bard AI as Samsung did in the Galaxy S24 Series.