Google Wifi & Nest Wifi Not Sold on Google Store for Temporarily


Google Wifi & Nest Wifi Not Sold on Google Store for Temporarily


In 2022, Google introduced the latest device, Google Wifi & Nest Wifi which is one of the tools used as a Wi-Fi network transmitter. This latest generation even uses the Wi-Fi 6E type and offers network efficiency and of course network speed.

To be able to bring home Google Wifi & Nest Wifi, you have to prepare approximately $ 99 USD or equivalent to 3 Million Rupiah. But today the Google company has removed Google Wifi & Nest Wifi in their official Google Store, most likely Google will indeed bring changes from the latest update.

The latest news states that Google will bring improvements by releasing the latest version of Google Wifi & Nest Wifi. The leaked information we got mentions that Google already has a similar device code-named Brezza which is likely the latest version of Nest WiFi.

All the while, the earlier hardware stayed on the market as an affordable alternative for those not wanting to spend $199+ on their home network. That changes today, as the company has now removed both the Google Wifi and Nest Wifi hardware from the Google Store.

One possible explanation for the removal is that Google intends to bring another Nest Wifi model to the market in the coming months. Last year, uncovered evidence of a new router in development under the codename "Brezza." It's possible that Brezza is simply a revised version of the Nest Wifi hardware. This would follow the pattern of the 2016 Google Wifi and its 2020 rerelease.

Both devices from Google are indeed quite popular and more widely used in the United States region, although marketing has been done in the Asian market but consumers in World have not been so much.

For now, although it has been removed from the Google Store, the company added that it will still sell through Retailers and that the stock they have will be back on the market in the next few weeks.