5 ways to find song titles by voice (Android)


5 ways to find song titles by voice (Android)


Do you ever listen to songs at the cafe was delicious, but do not know the title and name of the singer? So, when you want to listen to it again at home, you are confused about whether to search in Google or YouTube. This can sometimes interfere with us, right?

However, now you do not need to worry. There are many applications that allow you to identify the song title with the voice. Only with the singer's voice or music, you can get information about titles and even the name of the singer.

This will certainly make it easier for us to find the title of the song, especially the songs in a foreign language that we hear for the first time. Presence detection applications via voice or audio tracks will make it easier for us to find our favorite songs online.

Search for Song Title Via online Voice Apps

1. musiXmatch

First, you can use the application musiXmatch to find new songs you like even if you do not know the title and singer. In general, musiXmatch applications such as the music player application like JOOX or Spotify. However, apart from being used to play the song, this app can also help you find new songs.

If you memorize the lyrics of the song, but do not know the title or singer, you can write the lyrics in this application. Then musiXmatch will find the title song and the singer, based on the lyrics that you enter.

What if you do not know the lyrics by heart? Relax, you can find it by voice. To do this, open the app musiXmatch, do a search or search by bringing the phone closer to the sound source. The aim is that the sound or the sound of the song can be identified by musiXmatch. Click on "Identification of Lyrics" feature, wait a few moments for the title track and get the singer to perform.

2. Shazam

The next application that you can use to search for song titles via voice Shazam. This application has been used more and more. Android users choose to detect the song title and singer with a voice.

How to use it is almost the same as musiXmatch. Open the Shazam app, hold close to the sound source or speaker, then press the detection button (the blue button). Shazam will start identifying songs online. Then it displays information about the song being played, starting from the title, singer, lyrics.

3. SoundHound Music Search

There is something that is no less than the above two applications, namely SoundHound Music Search. This application allows you to search for songs by voice, either from your own voice in the form of hums to the sound of speakers or other sources. With this extraordinary ability, it's no wonder that this application has been downloaded over 50 million times by Android users.

Its use is not much different from the two previous applications. You can open the app and get closer to the sound source, and then click the orange button. Wait a while, until the identification process is complete song. SoundHound Music Search will show track information, starting from the title, singer, song link to the video on YouTube.

4. Google Assistant

The easiest and simplest way is to use the features in Google Now. You can download the first in PlayStore and use them to help you identify the song you want. To do this, Google Now press the button and say "OK Google, What is this song?" Bring your phone closer to the sound source. Let Google Now working to identify the song you are looking for.

Once completed, Google will display information about songs, singers, and other links such as Youtube or Spotify that you can go to listen to the song. It's easy, is not it?


The principle is the same as using Google Now on Android. Open the application Siri and say "Whats the song being played now?" , Point your phone towards the sound source. Siri will identify a song with a voice online, so you can know the title and singer name. You can even press the results to be looking directly at the Apple Music.

It's easy, is not it? Now you do not need to be confused and disoriented again to find the song you just heard the lyrics. With 5 applications on top, you can easily search for song titles through online votes.