Huusttt! There's a New Animation in Windows 11 Copilot. Let's Check Out


Huusttt! There's a New Animation in Windows 11 Copilot. Let's Check Out


Windows 11 users may already know that this system has been connected and uses the Copilot service. This service is the latest AI service in the Windows operating system and officially replaces Cortana, so it can be said that Copilot is one of the most advanced AI today. Isn't it cool?

Microsoft as the company that developed Copilot certainly wants to provide many changes and the best features in their system, well this time Copilot will also come with new changes that you might see after making an update. This new feature has just been released for Windows 11 Insider Dev and Canary users with OS Build 26052.

In 2023, Microsoft was rumored to be adding some animations on their Taskbar, finally answered already that the animation they meant was Copilot installed on Windows 11. For those of you who might use Insider Dev and Canary, then you can get animation changes as below:

Isn't it cool? This animation is given to Windows 11 users, where it will appear with Copilot. Now this change is still hidden, you must activate it using ViveTool by entering the code; ID 45596742.

Steps to Enable Animations

  1. Open ViveTool.
  2. Enter navigation to Directory.
  3. Reboot or Restart.
  4. Copy the following code.

  • To activate a variant with a badge: vivetool /enable /id:45596742 /variant:1
  • To enable variants with no animation: vivetool /enable /id:45596742 /variant:2
  • To activate variants with pencil animation: vivetool /enable /id:45596742 /variant:3         

Well, actually, if you can immediately see changes such as animations on the Taskbar, then you don't need to reboot or restart. However, if you don't see the changes then you must reboot, because this process will apply the changes we wrote in ViveTool earlier.

Microsoft itself has not confirmed when this feature will be released, because until now it can only be accessed through Insider Dev and Canary with Build OS 26052. So don't let you get tired of entering commands in ViveTool but there is no change whatsoever.