How to Download Private Instagram Videos 2023


How to Download Private Instagram Videos 2023


Blogmagz.comDownload Personal Instagram Videos. It has become a habit for netizens now to make social media not only for establishing communication. But sometimes make it a place to store photos and videos. Instagram itself is a social media that has excellent features in terms of sharing photos and videos. In this application there are lots of filters or effects that we can use to make our story look even more interesting.Various features are always updated to pamper every user. And most recently, IG has added the Instagram reels feature which, if you look at the whole thing, is similar to the TikTok application.

Not infrequently someone uses the Instagram application just to save photos and videos. So when they want to see the video, they just have to open their IG account and watch the video that was previously uploaded. But sometimes we also want to save the video back on another device.If the video that you have uploaded has been deleted, then you don't need to worry because you can download your personal or your own Instagram videos.

To be able to download videos on Instagram you don't need to install additional applications, because it can be done online. But of course you need to know the site you will use later, so that the video has HD quality with clearer sound.

How to Download Private Instagram Videos

Actually we can use many sites to be able to download our IG videos. Each site certainly has different features, so you can adjust it to your needs in downloading this video. For more details, you can see the procedure as follows:
  • First you can open your Instagram account
  • Select the three dot icon menu and copy the link
  • Next we can access the Instagram video download site, namely ""
  • You can paste the url that we copied in the column
  • Select the "Downloads" menu
  • Your request will be processed
  • The last stage you can select "Download Mp4"
After doing the steps above, then you can wait for the video that you have downloaded to finish. Now your video that has been uploaded on Instagram has been saved back on your smartphone.

Advantages of Savefrom

Why we recommend savefrom, this is of course due to several reasons, especially in terms of advantages. Here are the advantages of using savefrom.
  • Easy to access
  • Can download videos on facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube and others
  • Has HD video quality
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast Process
  • Available in application format.
Those were some of the advantages or advantages when you use this savefrom. This site itself is very popular compared to the same service providers.

Can I Download Instagram Videos on Private

Unfortunately, you can't do private Instagram videos with this one site. Likewise with other sites. Basically a site like this is only for downloading videos that are public, so that everyone can watch or view those Instagram videos.

The final word

Through the tutorial that we have shared this time, which is about how to download private Instagram videos, then you can save the video again. Actually, apart from using social media, we can also save our videos or photos on the internet like on Google Drive. This method is considered very safe and will not be seen by others, unless we give it permission.