Microsoft: Now Bing Coming with the Latest Version


Microsoft: Now Bing Coming with the Latest Version


On the 7th yesterday, Microsoft had introduced to the media that they have provided support for ChatGPt technology through Bing, through this technology Microsoft said that the performance of Bing has now received an improvement, Friday (10/02).

Microsoft some time ago did announce that they have collaborated with OpenAI, where in this collaboration they provide ChatGPT technology support. This technology is claimed to be able to work well for Bing with the AI they use.

Now Bing is not only used as a search engine, but also has a number of excellent features that provide better access for all its users, even Bing can be used to do several other complex activities such as writing paragraphs and poetry.

For Early Access access provided by Microsoft, you can try it directly by accessing the Waiting List provided by Microsoft. When you have registered, Microsoft will send you an email through the email address you entered. Later you just have to wait a few days to then get access to the Bing feature.

In addition, it turns out that Microsoft also provides improvements for Edge where later Edge users will get better integration with Bing. Chatbots in Bing will later take effect at Edge with better expansion features. One of them is the Edge Sidebar feature which now has quite a lot of new feature support, for example:

Interesting isn't it? Indeed, some of the latest features such as Discover will still be present at Edge, where it seems that Microsoft does not intend to remove this feature. User responses are also still the same, where they feel that the Discover feature still provides a useless feature because it will be rarely accessed.

Behind that, the technology from OpenAI that is now present in Bing and Edge will provide better access to technology development by Microsoft in the future. Especially now that Microsoft has also opened the Waiting List that they provide for free, so Bing users can get early access to experience using Bing with ChatGPT.