Microsoft Confirms Shutdown Issue, Caused by Xbox Controller


Microsoft Confirms Shutdown Issue, Caused by Xbox Controller

A while back, Microsoft just released their weekly update for those using Windows 11 Insider Canary with OS Build 25324. But unfortunately new users found a new issue that resulted in the failure of the Shutdown, Monday (27/03).

Some time ago Microsoft has indeed provided their latest update for Windows 11 Insider Canary users, where they bring a new build that can be directly obtained by Insider Canary users. After finally releasing this update, not even a week there are many users who finally give criticism.

Criticism from users is access to the problematic Shutdown feature, which of course this feature is used to disable PC devices. Users get problems when they're still using the Xbox Controller that still stays connected, so as long as the Xbox Controller is connected then Insider Canary users can't turn off their computer or PC.

After finally receiving many reports of the same issue, Microsoft finally moved quickly and we get a confirmation saying that it is likely that Windows 11 Insider Canary users will get a Green Screen of Death when they use the Sleep feature. This will only happen when the Xbox Controller they are using is still connected.

"Thanks for taking the time to report this – we're investigating an issue where if you have a wired Xbox controller connected then shutdown will hang. This is the same root cause as some insiders seeing bugchecks (or rather green screens) when the PC is asleep. We're working on a fix. ”

Through a statement released by Microsoft, the company said it was grateful for Windows 11 Insider Canary users who quickly discovered this issue, so the company could immediately conduct a review and look for the latest fixes of their systems.

For this problem has not been given a solution from Microsoft, for a while users can disconnect from the connected Xbox Controller, so that the PC device can do the shutdown process.

As for the fix, it is very likely that the company will release a fix update in the following week according to the Insider Program update schedule.