Microsoft Integrates Outlook and Gmail, More Flexibility


Microsoft Integrates Outlook and Gmail, More Flexibility

A few years ago, the Microsoft company has developed Outlook Preview which will certainly be a trial version of the development of new features. In recent months, the company has also announced that you can also use Google Mail or Gmail to use Outlook.

Following the development of their system, the company announced that they began releasing new support such as a third account that can use Gmail to sign in to Outlook, even adding that users can also access Google Calendar and Google Contact services directly through Microsoft Outlook Preview.

"Soon, we will also add support for Yahoo and iCloud, as well as the ability to connect your mailbox via IMAP. It's our intention that every person be able to access all of their emails – in one spot – on any Windows 10 or Windows 11 device." Microsoft said.

This feature can later be directly used in the Add Account section in the Folder Pane which can add accounts from several Email services as well. Not only that, through Outlook Preview earlier Microsoft also provided some support for new features such as the following:

  • Rich editing, spelling, and auto-complete suggestions powered by Microsoft Editor.
  • The ability to send emails with polls to help make decisions quicker. (Work and School accounts only)
  • Delay the delivery of an email for up to 10 seconds so you have a chance to “undo” sending – always an excellent feature if you have a typo or accidentally forgot someone on an email – or just want to make a few quick changes.
  • The ability to join a Skype or Teams call directly from the new Outlook for Windows.
  • The ability to pin important emails to the top of your inbox – helping ensure you don’t forget to follow up on those most important messages.
  • The ability to add multiple shared calendars
  • Supporting multiple time zones
  • Adding daily weather in Calendar view
  • The ability to track packages and check in to flights directly from your Inbox.
  • Reminders about important messages that still need a reply.
  • Search folders for quick and easy access to all of your emails.